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From about 1900-1916, the Arts & Crafts Movement was a major force in American design.Although the Arts & Crafts design was very popular during the early 20th century, piano makers were slow to adapt to the Mission/Arts & Crafts design.This Shoninger action, although it was found in San Francisco, must have spent most of its life in a part of the country where coal was used.

The Burdett case is upside-down in the pics, showing a new piece of wood replacing the broken part. Other instruments currently in stock, awaiting refurbishing: Several Mason & Hamlins including 2-Manual & Pedals; 2-manual Bell; 2-manual Dominion; single-manual reed organs by Mason & Hamlin, Treat & Linsley, Carpenter, Kimball, and others. Also have action parts and reeds for Estey T's; Estey Melodeon; SD & HW Smith ("American"); Bell; Chicago Cottage; Sterling; Mason & Hamlin; Newman Brothers, Beethoven, and a few others I can't remember at the moment. It’s defintely more Ivor Cutler than Van der Graaf Generator, but that’s certainly no bad thing.