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An avid reader and curious mind, Seung-woo strives for a top career to fulfill his responsibility.By following his parents’ dreams instead of his own, he is forced to give up his two passions; one was to become a novelist and the other to declare his love for Yun-soo. I can't close my eyes when I saw Ryu shi won, his smile make me fall in love with him. I wish and I will pray for you, some day you will marry Jang Na Ra, and you will have happy life and happy family with her.Laurel knows nothing about football and Danny hasn't ever had a female assistant.

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Meanwhile, his dating lessons with his teenage crush reawaken old feelings.

Not realizing the feelings are mutual, he finds himself unable to act on them due to his fear of being rejected by the one he truly loves.

My whole family enjoys it very much, from me (the youngest) to my parents, who are in their 50's.

Comedy, romance and adventure are all things you will encounter in this show, besides the good family values.

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