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20-Dec-2017 22:49

Your visit is marked with concentric circles radiating from your home. Because you have learned about Jesus' imminent return, you are commanded to warn others of His return.

Let these circles remind you that the Gospel should radiate from you into the world (see Acts 1:8). When you radiate the Gospel into the world, God's blessings radiate back to you now and upwardly to be stored as future "treasures" or "crowns" in Heaven! Today could be the day of Jesus' return or of your physical death.

So if PLO/Fatah is helping Iran destroy Israel, the US governments behavior is quite interesting.

) Israeli warplanes hold joint exercise with UAE (& “Mossad turned French spies into double agents”) Israeli-American teen arrested for wave of bomb threats against U. Jews (& “Tomb of Jesus reopens”) “The Israelization of anti-Semitism” (& Turkish anti-Semitism during Dutch protests) Saudi media claim: “Hamas moves closer to approving 1967 borders” (& 400,000 Turks threat) Saudi police beat transgender women to death (& Israelis go to the funeral of a woman they never met) 350 percent increase in Israeli female combat troops (& Iraq’s hipsters declare war on poor dress sense) With foreign policy, is Trump playing a classic game of good cop, bad cop?

Trump firmly condemns anti-Semitism (& EU-trained guards caught whipping Africans) “Saying ‘We invented the cellphone and have a great record on gays’ doesn’t explain Jewish rights to live in Hebron” Japan b, Israel b: Dispelling the myth that Israel is the largest beneficiary of US military aid Former Huffington Post and Al Jazeera writer: I’ve changed my mind on a Palestinian state Saudi Journalist: The Palestinians are no longer our primary concern (& Assad welcome, Trump not?

Media diversity and freedom is markedly higher in Kabul, and some warlords display limited tolerance for independent media in the areas under their control.

A number of journalists were threatened or harassed by government ministers, politicians, and others in positions of power as a result of their reporting.About the future PLO/Fatah state, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu states: I think it's important to make peace with the Palestinians. Consistent with this, Netanyahu is rushing to give PLO/Fatah its independent state, and has even put Jerusalem on offer.