Who is jon favreau speechwriter dating

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The “Yes We Can” kid from Boston helped Obama stir the Democrats into an excited, united front and his arsenal was laced with one simple word: Now, Favreau lives in L. and runs the communications firm Fenway Strategies.

He still makes a living consulting on word strategy, but in his life outside of the office, he’s often approached about giving speaking advice to friends and family as it pertains to common, nonpolitical events. And isn’t it a bit similar to a convention speech, after all?

PHOTOS: 10 Presidents and Their Famous Hollywood Pals During his time at the White House, Favreau penned big speeches for the president, including Obama’s first inaugural address and his healthcare speech to Congress. "He has become a friend and a collaborator on virtually every major speech I've given in the Senate, on the campaign trail and in the White House,” Obama said in a statement.

Favreau’s successor will be Cody Keenan, who is a Chicago native in charge of writing Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address and previously headed up the effort on Obama’s remarks following last December's mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Favreau attended the College of the Holy Cross, graduating as valedictorian.

Promises, praises, and pontifications are what voters get up until November and then after the ballot box, things start to get more concrete.As a service to you—future confused partygoer unsure of which one is chatting you up by the bar—we’ve compiled a guide to differentiating the two famous Favreaux, below. C.’s Jon Favreau Hollywood’s Jon Favreau Birth Year: 1981 1966 Provenance: Winchester, Massachusetts Queens, New York Documented Heritage: French-Canadian French-Canadian-Italian Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: Buzz haircut and gap-toothed smile Robust jawline Actor Who Would Play Him in His Lifetime Biopic: Chris Evans Steve Guttenberg University Pedigree: Valedictorian at College of the Holy Cross Dropout from Queens College Nerdy Formative Interests: Classical piano, College Democrats Dungeons & Dragons, Hacky Sack Unlikely Former Jobs: Telemarketer Assistant at Bear Stearns Early Career Flop: John Kerry’s failed 2004 presidential campaign The 1994 comedy Battle Cry He’s Credited with Making Famous: “Yes, we can” “Vegas, baby! ” Low-Profile Pastimes: Prepping the president’s speeches at Starbucks Geeking out with his comic brethren at Comic-Con Critically Panned Hiccup: An ill-advised photo op with a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton (he wrote the script and co-starred) Hiccup Comeuppance: A good-natured rib from camp Hillary None . C.’s Jon Favreau would not be the first Obama speechwriter to move to Hollywood, only to risk being mistaken on paper with an established entertainment personality.Favreau’s former colleague, Jon Lovett, currently the co-creator of the NBC comedy alum Jon Lovitz, also shares this distinction.In 2009, he was named as a White House staff member as Director of Speechwriting.

From 1999 to 2000, he served on the Welfare Solidarity Project, eventually becoming its director.

thought-provoking spread in Maxim (thanks to commenter Uncle_Billy_Slumming for the pointer! We're told Campoverdi is an assistant to a White House deputy chief of staff.

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