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has existed, perhaps none is more famous than Pamela Anderson.She’s appeared on more covers (14) and more pictorials (15) than any other woman.During her childhood, she moved to the city of Vancouver with her parents, Barry Anderson and Carol Anderson. As a teenager, she went to Highland Secondary School.She was an acrobat and gymnast ages 7-12 and an athlete throughout school. Pamela was first "discovered" at a British Columbia Lions football game, when her image was shown on the stadium screen.While the pardon officially excuses Assange from the investigation in Sweden, British authorities said the fugutive was still wanted in the U. In case you forgot, Assange is currently hiding out in the embassy in order to avoid rape charges in Sweden. The Playmate wrote: Pamela Anderson is nothing if not a hopeless romantic. The 49-year-old's *whatever* with the fugitive blossomed when she brought him vegan food at the Ecuadorian Embassy, where he currently remains in hiding from Swedish authorities over a rape accusation. Speaking to on ITV last night, you may have been a bit confused at the end!Related: Kylie & Travis Flaunt All Kinds Of PDA At NBA Game Anywho, Miz Anderson has once again opened up about their connection as she posted a peculiar poem to her website earlier this week. Which is why the bombshell has found herself in a complicated, forbidden relationship with quite possibly the most interesting man in the world: Julian Assange. After the games were over, all the other panelists got up and did a little end of show dance as the credits rolled.Her character is initially the receptionist at the paper distribution company Dunder Mifflin, before becoming a saleswoman and eventually office administrator until her termination in the series finale.Her character is shy, growing assertive but amiable, and artistically inclined, and shares romantic interest with Jim Halpert, whom she begins dating in the fourth season and marries and starts a family with as the series continues.

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In 1991, she made her television debut on Home Improvement (1991), where she starred as Lisa, the Tool Time Girl. She was on one of the most viewed television series worldwide.

so when the opportunity came up for the 46-year-old to go top down at a topless beach in France ... Pam was with her BF Rick Salomon -- and the two were spotted romping around the beaches in Biarritz, France yesterday like two topless teenagers.

Fun Fact -- Biarritz is the birthplace of famed chemist Ernest Fourneau -- who played a key role in the development of chemotherapy as a way to combat cancer.

" CLICK HERE to view "Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week! On Friday, Sweden's top prosecutor said she would drop the investigation into a rape claim made against Julian Assange almost seven years ago.

" CLICK HERE to view "Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week! The Wiki Leaks founder has been hiding out in Ecuador's Embassy in London since 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden where he would be forced to answer questions about rape allegations made by two women.

To see the behind-the-scenes video from this shoot, click here or see the rest of our Anderson-related content from this issue here.

"It was very, very odd — I've never seen this kind of mix before." The youngest scripts he identified, called Nabatean and Palmyrene, date from the second and third centuries, proving the documents could not possibly have been written during the dawn of Christianity, Caruso said.… continue reading »

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